Abha (OEAB)

RWY 31/13     POS 18°14'25"N 042°39'24"E     ELEV 6858 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Dhahran/King Abdullah Aziz Air Base) (OEDR)

RWY 06/24, 16R/34L     POS 26°15'56"N 050°09'07"E     ELEV 84 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Jeddah/Prince Abdullah Air Base (OEJN)

RWY 16C/34C, 16R/34L, 16L/34R     POS 21°40'46"N 039°09'24"E     ELEV 48 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Riyadh/King Salman Air Base (OERY)

RWY 01/19, 12/30     POS 24°42'35"N 046°43'31"E     ELEV 2082 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
The rather unique KV107IIA-SM Vertol has been replaced by sixteen Sikorsky S-92A helicopters. Nine Sikorsky S-434 have been introduced as training helicopters. Twelve Sikorsky S-76D and three S-70i helicopters are on order. The MOI has taken options to acquire a further eight S-76D and twelve additional S-70i helicopters.

On 11 November 2007 it was announced Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Interior (MOI) and Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. signed contracts for 16 S-92 multi-mission helicopters, 15 S-76 multi-mission helicopters and nine Schweizer 434 training helicopters. MOI-01 is shown during testing in the USA, it was in the Kingdom by May 2008.


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