Philippine Navy

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AW109E Power 432 on board the USS Green Bay during a combined Philippine/US exercise.

Philippine Navy

Danielo Atienza Air Base (RPLS) Cavite

RWY 07/25     POS 14°29'43"N 120°54'14"E     ELEV 8 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
Naval Air Wing

MF-30 BN-2A

MH-40 AW109E Power
AW159 Wildcat 220

MATS-50 Ce152

Cessna 177 323 of the NATS-50 is used for pilot training next to a single Cessna A152.

Danielo Atienza, June 2005, Rogier Westerhuis

Five ex JMSDF TC-90s were donated by the Japanese Government to boost the maritime patrol capability of the Philippine Naval Aviation.

Davao, 25 February 2019, Scramble files

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