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Hukbong Pandagat ng Pilipinas

Danielo Atienza Air Base

Two AW159 Wildcat 220 have been taken on strength in May 2019. AW159 440 us seen here approaching Sangley Point in January 2020.

Mark Urks

BN-2A 320 seen landing at Sangley Point in January 2020.

Mark Urks

Danielo Atienza Air Base (RPLS) Cavite

RWY 07/25     POS 14°29'43"N 120°54'14"E     ELEV 8 ft

Group Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
30 Naval Fixed Wing Air Group

31 Light Utility Patrol Sqn BN-2A

32 Maritime Patrol & Reconnaissance Sqn TC-90 Red Dragons
40 Naval Helicopter Air Group

41 Maritime Strike Helicopter Sqn AW109E Power

42 Anti-Submarine Helicopter Sqn AW159 Wildcat 220

71 Maritime Unmanned Aerial Reconnaissance Sqn Scan Eagle
Naval Air Wing Training & Doctrine Centre 50

- Cessna 152
Cessna 172F/N/S

Five ex JMSDF TC-90s were donated by the Japanese Government to boost the maritime patrol capability of the Philippine Naval Aviation.

Davao, 25 February 2019, Scramble files

AW109E Power 432 on board the USS Green Bay during a combined Philippine/US exercise.

Philippine Navy

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