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Eight Block 50 single seat F-16C and four dual seat F-16D aircraft are operated by 18sq from Thumrait.

Peter R. Foster

Adam (OOAD)
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
8sq Typhoon
The construction of RAFO Adam started in ealry 2010. The first Typhoons were delivered in June 2017.

Dual Seat Typhoon 200 (ex ZR410 is seen here just before delivery at Warton (UK) om 09 June 2017.

Martin Greenman

Khasab (OOKB)

RWY 01/19     POS 26°10'15"N 056°14'26"E     ELEV 100 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
14sq SAR Det NH90-TTH

The Super Lynx's of 15sq have a SAR detachment at Masirah while 3sq operates them from Salalah, the southernmost RAFO air base.

Peter R. Foster

Masirah (OOMA)

RWY 07/25, 17/35     POS 20°40'32"N 058°53'26"E     ELEV 64 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
1sq Super Mushshak
6sq Hawk Mk166
15sq SAR Det Super Lynx Mk.120
1sq and 6sq are part of the Sultan Qaboos Flying Academy
The 6sq Hawk 103, 103A and 203 were withdrawn from use by August 2020.

The two 15sq Super Lynx helicopters operate in the SAR-role.

The RAFO operated three different versions of the Hawk. This Hawk 203 just returned to RAFO Masirah after is mission. The type was phased out in August 2020 and replaced by the sole surviving type, the Hawk Mk166.

Marco Dijkshoorn

Muscat/Seeb Intl (OOMS)

RWY 02/20, 08/26     POS 23°35'35"N 058°17'04"E     ELEV 48

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
4sq A320-214CJ

Long Haul and tactical transport is being executed by the great Lockheed Hercules. The RAFO ammended its C-130H Hercules fleet with the C-130J Super Herc.

Marco Dijkshoorn

Rostaq/Al Musana AB (OORQ)

RWY 08/26     POS 23°38'30"N 057°29'12"E     ELEV 350 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
16sq C-130H
15sq Super Lynx Mk.120
14sq NH90-TTH
2sq C295MPA
During 2015, the C-130 fleet of 16sq moved from Muscat-Seeb to al-Musana.
14sq was located at Muscat/Seeb but moved to Musana'a by 2016.
Salalah (OOSA)

RWY 07/25, 17/35     POS 17°02'19"N 054°05'28"E     ELEV 73 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
3sq Bell 206B
Bell 429
17sq NH90-TTH
The 3sq Super Lynx Mk.120's were all sent to Musana'a in March 2017, following the delivery of the Bell 429's.

In 2013 the RAFO received the CASA 295M. It replaced the Skyvan in the light transport role.


The PC-9 serves in the Advance Training syllabus as the primary platform and is the step-up trainer before the Hawk 103.

Marco Dijkshoorn

The Bell 206 is operated as an instruction platform by 3sq At Salalah alongside the Super Lynx Mk120.

Peter R. Foster

Thumrait (OOTH)

RWY 17/35     POS 17°39'57"N 054°01'28"E     ELEV 1570 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
18sq F-16C-50-CF
20sq F-16C-50-CF
20sq operated the Jaguar S and Jaguar B, having the last flight on 06 August 2014. Mid-July the first Block 50 Fighting Falcons were delivered.

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