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Seen just behind a holiday lodge, how is that for a treat!

Peter Heeneman

Backbone of the Namibian Air Force is the F-7NM, an in 2008 acquired Chinese built MiG-21 variant and is based at Grootfontein.

(Windhoek August 2015 Charles Hugo)

Grootfontein (FYGF)

RWY 08L/26R, 08R/26L, 17/35     POS 19°36'08"S 018°07'22"E     ELEV 4636 ft

Wing Squadron Name Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Air Wing

Air Wing Training Squadron

11 Fighter Wing?

23 Fighter Squadron Daredevils F-7NM
13 Transport Wing

... Transport Squadron An-26T

... Transport Squadron O-2A
15 Helicopter Wing

15_ Helicopter Squadron Mi-8T

151 Helicopter Squadron H425

Namibia has sourced quite some aircraft from China, like this Y12.


The Namibian Air Force operates HAL Cheetah helicopters from Windhoek-Eros airfield.

Arjen Sleeuwenhoek

Windhoek/Eros (FYWE)

RWY 01/19, 09/27     POS 22°36'44"S 017°04'50"E     ELEV 5584 ft

Wing Squadron Name Aircraft Type(s) Badge
15 Helicopter Wing

151 Helicopter Squadron HAL Cheetah (SA315B)
HAL Chetak (SA316B)

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