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Force Aérienne de la République du Mali


Three out of four December 2016 delivered A-29Bs in formation take-off at Bamako on 4 September 2018.

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Bamako/Senou (GABS)

RWY 06/24     POS 12°32'16"N 007°56'35"W     ELEV 1247 ft

Base Aérienne Escadrille Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Base Aérienne 101

Escadrille d'Aviation Légère Ce185
Tetras 912
Tetras 912CSLM

Escadrille de Chasse A-29B

Escadrille de Transport BT-67A

Escadrille d'Hélicoptères Mi-24D

Ecole Pilotage Aérienne Tetras 912
Tetras 912CSLM

Gouvernement B727-2K5

One of the few airworthy aircraft of the Mali Air Force is this B727 VIP aircraft.

Yamoussoukro,21 May 2011,Björn van der Flier

The Humbert Tétras is a popular type in Africa. The Malinese Air Force still uses two type 912s and five 912CSLM like this TZ12R, ex TZ-410 at Bamako on 6 November 2018.

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Mopti/Ambodedjo (GAMB)

RWY 05/23     POS 14°30'31"N 004°05'03"W     ELEV 909 ft

Base Aérienne Escadrille Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Base Aérienne 102

no based aircraft

Mi-24D TZ-02H coming in to land at Bamako on 14 October 2018.

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