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al-Quwwat al-Jawwiya al-Kuwaitiya

Ahmed al Jaber
Ali al Salem
Kuwait IAP

Of the 32 single seat and eight duals, 39 remain of which seven are believed stored.

409, 9sqErwin van Dijkman

Ahmed al Jaber (OKAJ)

RWY 15R/33L, 15L/33R     POS 28°56'05"N 047°47'31"E     ELEV 409 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
9 Fighter & Attack sq F/A-18C
25 Fighter & Attack sq F/A-18C
61 Fighter & Attack sq F/A-18C on loan
F/A-18D on loan
This is the Hornet training squadron, it uses aircraft from 9 and 25sq.

At least four of the new AH-64D Apache for the Kuwait Air Force initially stayed briefly at Fort Hood (TX) for training, including this KAF003.

Frank Crebas

Ali al Salem (OKAS)

RWY 12L/30R, 12R/30L     POS 29°20'48"N 047°31'15"E     ELEV 472 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
12 Training sq Hawk Mk64
17 Attack sq AH-64D
19 Traning sq Tucano Mk52
20 Attack sq AH-64D
32 Helicopter sq SA330L
33 Helicopter sq SA342L
62 Utility sq AS332M

Three KC-130J are operated in a three tone grey/blueish colour scheme.

Erwin van Dijkman

Kuwait IAP (OKBK)

RWY 15R/33L, 15L/33R     POS 29°13'37"N 047°58'49"E     ELEV 206 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
41 Transport sq C-17A
91 Special sq S-92A
The three L-100-30 are withdrawn from use although one might be made airworthy again. The new KC-130J and C-17A now equip 41sq.
The helicopters have "State of Kuwait" titles but are operated by the Air Force.

The S-92 are operated by 91sq but marked with 'State of Kuwait' titles.

Erwin van Dijkman

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