Bell T-407 YI-140 is seen here during the first test flight for the helicopters over Northern Iraq. The training helicopters will help train qualified Iraqi army pilots to operate and maintain the Iraqi 407 Armed Scout Helicopters (IA-407).


Al Kut/Ubaydah Bin Al Jarrah (ORUB)

RWY 11R/29L     POS 32°28'53"N 045°45'24"E     ELEV 68 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
Combat Helicopter Wing
28th Assault Helicopter sq Mi-28NE Night Hunters
Army Aviation HQ
100th Recce/Attack sq CH-4B UAV (4)
Transport Helicopter Wing
Planned Mi-17V-5
84th Recce/Attack sq was renamed to 100th Recce/Attack sq by early 2018.

An unknown number (but at least three) of CH-4B UAVs was received from China on 23 January 2015. They were first noted in March that year and in October they made their public appearance.


Al Taqaddum/Habbaniyah (ORAT)

RWY 12L/30R, 12R/30L     POS 33°20'17"N 043°35'50"E     ELEV 275 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
Army Aviation College
16th Rotary Training sq Mi-171E

200th Rotary Training sq Bell 407GX (8)

300th Rotary Training sq OH-58A (2)
OH-58C (8)
Sky Falcons

500th Rotary Training sq Bell 407GX (8)

Instructor Pilot Unit Bell 206B (5)
Bell 206B-3 (4)
AB206B-3 (3)
Combat Helicopter Wing
22nd Assault Helicopter sq Bell 407 (15 x IA-407)

22th Rotary Training sq was split to 200sq and 300sq.
It initially operated (Agusta) Bell 206B helicopters originate from the UAE Air Force while the remaining five were bought on the US civilian market and supplied under FMS. When the Bell 407GX' were delivered these were transferred to the Instructor Pilot Unit.

The 300th Training Squadron at Habbaniyah operates the OH-58s. It has ten OH-58A/C helicopters which are ex US Army National Guard. They are used for night vision goggle training.


Basrah/Basrah Intl (ORMM)

RWY 14/32     POS 30°32'55"N 047°39'44"E     ELEV 11 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
Transport Helicopter Wing
85th Transport sq Mi-17
Taji (ORTI)

RWY 16/34     POS 33°31'25"N 044°15'24"E     ELEV 120 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
Transport Helicopter Wing
2nd Scout/Utility sq UH-1H-II (16)

4th Utility sq Mi-17
Combat Helicopter Wing
21st Assault Helicopter sq Bell 407 (12 x IA-407)
Bell 407 (3 x T-407)
Bell 407GX (5 x IA-407GX o/o since 2018)

55th Assault Helicopter sq EC635T2+ (24)

35th Assault Helicopter sq Mi-35M (6) Knights of Sky

88th Assault Training sq SA342M (6)
32nd Special Operations Aviation Bgd
15th Special Operations Sq Mi-17-1V
Mi-171Sh (12)
The Night Wolves

4sq has previously been reported at Basrah but in early 2015 it was located at Taji.

The Bell 407 is also designated as IA-407 (Iraqi Army 407 and ARH-70 (Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter).

21sq was activated in February 2010.

88sq operates six ex French Army (ALAT) Gazelle helicopters.

The Mi-8/17 Hip used to be the mainstay of the Iraqi Army. Some of the examples bought by the Saddam Hussein regime seem to have survived and were upgraded in Jordan.


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