La Ceiba/Goloson Intl (MHLC)

RWY 06/24     POS 15°44'32"N 086°51'12"W     ELEV 49 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
Héctor Caraccioli Moncada

- F-5E/F
Sivis Pacem

The FAH is without doubt the best equipped air force in Central America. For the main part, this qualification can be attributed the F-5E Tiger, as pictured here.

Nelson Mejia

The FAH is a long time user of the UH-1H. This is a more recent addition to the fleet, donated by Taiwan.

Raymond van Dijkhuizen

Palmerola/Coronel Enrique Soto Cano AB (MHSC)

RWY 17/35     POS 14°22'56"N 087°37'16"W     ELEV 2061 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
José Enrique Soto Cano

Academia Militar de Aviacion Ce172
Cap. Raúl Roberto Barahona Lagos

Honduras was the first export customer of the very succesfull Embraer Tucano. Ten aircraft serve in counternarcotics and advanced training roles.

Nelson Mejia

A more recent addition to the FAH is the Maule, an aircraft with great short take-off and landing capabilities. These aircraft are used for training.

Nelson Mejia

San Pedro Sula/Ramon V Morales Intl (MHLM)

RWY 04/22     POS 15°27'10"N 087°55'25"W     ELEV 91 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
Armando Escalón Espinal

1 Grupo Tactico OA/A-37B
Semper Altius

The A-37 Dragonfly is used for attack duties with 1 Grupo Aerotactico at San Pedro Sula.

Wim Sonneveld

The FAH put its aircraft seized from narcotraffickers to good use, like this Cessna 210 wiht a medical role.

Raymond van Dijkhuizen

Tegucigalpa/Toncontin Intl (MHTG)

RWY 01/19     POS 14°03'39"N 087°13'02"W     ELEV 3294 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
Hernán Acosta Mejia

Escuadrón de Helicopteros Bell 412SP
Hughes 500D

Escuadrón de Transporte Beech 200

Escuadrón de Transporte Aereo Presidencial Bell 412EP
Bell 429

The Cessna 208B is a popular aircraft in Latin America. The FAH operates four of them in different roles.

Johnny Rod

The President of Honduras uses this Bell 412 EP.

Raymond van Dijkhuizen

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