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Georgian Air Force
საქართველოს საჰაერო ძალები, sak’art’velos sahaero dzalebi

Tbilisi/Marneuli AB

Three Su-25s have recently been refurbished by TAM and received the now standard toned-down grey colour scheme.

Ministry of Defence of Georgia

Two Mi-24Vs have been returned to service and were presented to the public on Armed Forces Day in 2022.

Ministry of Defence of Georgia

Tbilisi/Lochini (UGTB) Alekseyevka AB

RWY 13R/31L     POS 41°40'09"N 044°57'17"E     ELEV 1578 ft

Air Base Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge

Transport Helicopter Eskizi UH-1H

Government CL-850

Tbilisi/Marneuli AB (--)

RWY 09/27     POS 41°27'33"N 044°46'59"E     ELEV 1288 ft

Air Base Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge

Attack Eskizi


Attack Helicopter Eskizi Mi-24P

UAV-Eskizi IAI Hermes

Transport Eskizi An-2

Trainer/Attack Eskizi L-39

The US Army supplied several legacy UH-1H in the nineties and they are based at Tibilisi Intl/Alekseyevka AB.

Wim Sonneveld

The venerable An-2 is used for transport and paradropping, usually based at Marneuli but seen here at Alekseyevka.

Wim Sonneveld

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