Asmara/Intl (HHAS)

RWY 07/25     POS 15°17'17"N 038°54'29"E     ELEV 7730 ft

Squadron Aircraft types
2sq L-90TP (wfu)
Zlin 143i
3sq Mi-17
4sq MB339CE (std)
5sq MiG-29, MiG-29UB
6sq Su-27, Su-27UB
7sq AB412EP
Bell 412
8sq Y-12
... Beech B200
... DA42
... PZL106BT-601

Bell 412


Massawa (HHMS)

RWY 07/25     POS 15°40'12"N 039°22'00"E     ELEV 206 ft

Squadron Aircraft types
6sq Su-27, Su-27UB



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