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L-159A 6051 is in use as light attack with 212. tacticka letka.

Jeroen Hensbergen

JAS-39 Gripen 9244 performing at Sanicole. Originaly leased the batch of fourteen Saab fighter aircraft have been presnted by the Swedish Government to the Czech Air Force recently.

Frank Noort

Cáslav (LKCV) Čáslav

RWY 14/32     POS 49°56'23"N 015°22'55"E     ELEV 794 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
21.Základna Taktického Letectva (21.zTL)

211. tacticka letka ( JAS-39C

212. tacticka letka ( L-159A

213. výcviková letka (213.vlt) L-159T1

C295M 0453 is one of four CASA transport aircraft with 242.tsl augmented by two MW models.

Jeroen Hensbergen

Single bizjet is use is CL601-3A 5105.

Ralph Blok

Kbely (LKKB) Praha

RWY 06/24     POS 50°07'17"N 014°32'37"E     ELEV 939 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
24.Základna Dopravního Letectva (24.zDL)

241. dopravni letka (241.dlt) A319-115X

242. transportní a speciální letka (242.tsl) C295M/MW

243. vrtulníkovou letka (243.vrl) Mi-8PS11

From the sixteen received Mi-171s, fifteen are still operational.

Stephan Lodewijks

Still going strong are these Mi-24Vs along with the Mi-35s. Two Mi-35s (3362 en 3370) have been delivered to Ukraine.

Raymond van Dijkhuizen

Námest (LKNA) Náměšť (Námest nad Oslavou)

RWY 13/31     POS 49°09'57"N 016°07'30"E     ELEV 1549 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
22.Základna Vrtulníkového Letectva (22.zL)

221. vrtulníkovou letka(221.vrl) Mi-24V

222. vrtulníkovou letka(222.vrl) Mi-171Sh
From 2023 onwards Námest will receive 10x AH-1Z Viper and 10x UH-1Y Venom. The exact units to operate these are awaiting confirmation.

A very unique aircraft is this Aerotechnik EV-97 Eurostar.

Jochem Manders

Basis training is performed on the Zlin 142C

Manolito Jaarsma

Pardubice (LKPD)

RWY 09/27     POS 50°00'48"N 015°44'19"E     ELEV 741 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Centrum leteckého výcviku LOM s.p.

EV-97 Eurostar
Enstrom 480B
L-39NG (o/o)
Zlin 142C-AF

L-39C aircraft are only operated by the Air Training Center at Pardubice

Willem M. Sonneveld

Let 410UVP 0731 has been given an atractive blue color scheme.

Jochem Manders

Plzen/Line (LKLN) Plzeň/Líně

RWY 06/24     POS 49°40'27"N 013°16'17"E     ELEV 1188 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge

243.vrlt SAR det. W-3A

Four Enstrom 480Bs are the replacements for the Mi-2s within the CLV.

Robert Erenstein

Sokol W-3A are is use as SAR helicopter.

Frank Noort

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