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The Armee de l'Air Tchadienne acquired three MiG-29s from Ukraine in 2014. One MiG-29 was lost after a storm at N'Djamena. The condition of the other two MiG-29s are doubtful.

Oleg Volkov

The Armee del'Air Tchadienne acquired ten Su-25s from Ukraine in two batches (2009 and 2013). They form the backbone of the Escadrille d'Appui based at N'Djamena.

Stephan de Bruijn

Abéché (FTTC)

RWY 09/27     POS 13°50'50"N 020°50'56"E     ELEV 1788 ft

Base Aérienne Escadrille Aircraft Type(s)
Base Aérienne Abéché

non permanent
This airfield is used as forward operating location.

The helicopter fleet consists mainly of former Ukrainian Air Force equipment. Seen here is a Mi-17V-5 at N'Djamena Airport

Viktor Tikhonov

Former Ukrainian Air Force Mi-24s found their way to Chad. Seen here is Mi-24V at N'Djamena Airport.

Stephan de Bruijn

The Armee de l'Air Tchadienne operates one C-130H-30 Super Hercules in the transport role from N'Djamena Airport.

Siegi N.

Since 2013 two C-27J Spartans are operating in the transport role in the Ecadrille de Transport from N'Djamena Airport.

Eduard Onyshchenko

N'Djamena/Hassan Djamous (FTTJ)

RWY 05/23     POS 12°07'30"N 015°01'29"E     ELEV 968 ft

Base Aérienne Escadrille Aircraft Type(s)
Base Aérienne N'Djamena

Escadrille de Transport An-26
Ce208B EX

Escadrille d'Appui Su-25
MiG-29 (stored?)
Hürkuş C (since July 2023)

Escadrille d'Hélicoptères AS550C2

Two AS550 Fennec helicopters were obtained from Singapore in 2009. The AS550 is being used as liaison and training helicopter for new Chadian helicopter pilots.


Chad uses both the PC-9, seen here, and the PC-7 flying from N'Djamena.

January 2013

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