People's Kampuchean Air Force history

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People's Kampuchean Air Force history

Phnom Penh

MiG 21UM 7122.


Phnom Penh (VDPP)

RWY 05/23     POS 11°32'48"N 104°50'39"E     ELEV 40 ft

Force Regiment Timeline Aircraft Type(s) Fate
People's Kampuchean Air Force

Transport Regiment
1984 - Oct 1991 An 24RV
Mi 8
Mi 8S
ceased to exist

701 Fighter Regiment
1988 - Oct 1991 MiG 21bis
MiG 21UM
ceased to exist
The old name for this airbase is Pochentong airbase.

Mi 8S XU 801.

collection Dick Lohuis

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