Fort Wayne IAP

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Last Validated Jun 2013
City Fort Wayne
Position 40°58'42"N 085°11'43"W
Runway(s) 05/23, 09/27, 14/32
Elevation 815 ft


The Fort Wayne airport was originally constructed at a cost of $10 million as a U.S. Army Air Forces base during World War II, opening in 1941 under the name Baer Field and later Baer Army Air Field. During wartime, over 100,000 military personnel served out of Baer Field and its more than 100 structures. The principal units at the installation were the First Troop Carrier Group and the 45th Army Air Force Base Unit. The oldest original Baer Army Air Field hangar, Hangar #40, was in continuous use from World War II until 2012, when it was damaged due to severe weather and demolished. The airport has one terminal for commercial airline and charter flights and a large cargo apron. Part of the airport is used by the Air National Guard.


The airport has two main runways. You will find the terminal in the northwest sector, some general aviation in the west sector and the ANG facility in the northeast sector.

Getting There

When travelling on the Interstate 469, take exit 6 toward Fort Wayne/Ossian/Bluffton. After leaving, turn right onto Bluffton Rd and then turn left onto W Ferguson Road. After passing the preserved IN ANG aircraft, extended centerline and a golf course at your right, you will see the Observation Parking Area at your left.

Around the Airport

1Observation Area

The Observation Area is a small parking area north of the beginning of runway 23. You will have a good view onto the airport and the ANG facility. This is an official approved spot but one of you has to remain near the car. Walk along the fence to the terminal, passing a large hangar, walking on the Car Rental Parking, for a good spot to read the ANG aircraft in the sun sheds. With some steps, shots above the fence are possible, good for morning shots of traffic lining up on the runway or late afternoon landing shots.

2ANG Preserved Aircraft

Driving back from the Observation Area via the W Ferguson Road, you must see the preserved ANG aircraft at your right. You can park near the aircraft or at the parking of the golf course across the street. Also landing aircraft onto runway 23 can be made here after you walk forward a bit.

3Landing Runway 32

Drive back from the Observation Area to the Interstate via W Ferguson road and right onto Bluffton Road. However, take a left onto winters Road. There is a large sign here with directions to the Baer Field Speedway. Follow this road to arrive at the landing spot for runway 32. Although parking along the road is allowed, it is not appreciated. Therefore park your car out of sight next to the railroad or at the Speedway. From the road or along the railroad, good shots of landing traffic can be made although the approach is obstructed by large trees. Also the tails of the aircraft inside the sun sheds can be read here.

4Landing Runway 05

After leaving the Interstate, take a left at the first crossing onto Pleasant Center Road. Continue until you see the runway. Park your car along the road and position yourself.

5Late Afternoon Taxi Shots

After leaving the Interstate, take a left at the first crossing onto Pleasant Center Road. Continue after passing spot 4 and take a right onto 6400 W Road. At the next crossing, take the first right onto 1100 S Road. Follow this and take a right at the next T-crossing. Drive towards the fence and position yourself. Maybe some steps are needed to shoot above the fence.

6Afternoon Landing Runway 14/32

This spot will give a good overview over runway 14/32 and terminal area, but only in the afternoon. To arrive here, from spot 1, take the Airport Drive to the north, towards the Airport Express Way. Take a left here and follow this road. After passing the runway 14, take a left onto Smith Road. At the second crossing, take a left onto Indianapolis Road and drive towards the fence. Take a right just before the fence and follow this road until it makes a bend away from the fence. Park your here and position yourself; steps maybe needed.

7Morning Landing Runway 14/32

From spot 1, drive back onto W Ferguson Road and take a right towards the terminal. Follow the road until it makes a turn to the right. Park your car at hangar 45 and position yourself along the fence with some steps for a good view onto runway 14/32 and the taxi track.

With some steps against the fence at spot 1, these shots can be made. This was around 1400lt, but best shots are for the sunny mornings. ( Piet Luijken )

After parking the car and moving into the field, this shot of a local A-10C was made with a lens at 350mm 1.6X. ( Piet Luijken )




67-0389/FWF-4E, at spot 2
84-1264/FWF-16C, at spot 2
56-3210F-100D, at spot 2
52-6629F-84F, at spot 2
80-0168/INA-10A, at spot 2

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Fort Wayne IAP

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