Coningsby (RAF)

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Last Validated Jul 2009
City Coningsby
Position 53°05'35"N 000°09'58"W
Runway(s) 07/25
Elevation 25 ft


RAF Coningsby is home to a substantial fleet of Typhoons. Besides that, the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight has its residence here with Spitfires, Hurricanes, Chipmunks and a Lancaster.

Getting There

RAF Coningsby can be found in Lincolnshire, about twenty kilometers from Sleaford. Following the A153 from Sleaford towards Coningsby will get you to the (well-signposted) airbase.

Around the Airport

1Runway 25

From Coningsby, continue onto the A153 untill you exit this town. At the next crossing, take the B1192 towards New York. When passing the threshold of runway 26, you can park your car alongside the road, next to the wooden fence. Pictures of landing aircraft can be made with 200mm. In the morning (due to the position of the sun), shots of aircraft turning onto the runway holding area can be made as well, but bring a small step to be able to shoot over the fence.

2Along The Taxiway

From spot 1, it is just a short walk along the fence to the a better spot, but only if you bring along some high steps to be able to look over the three meter high fence. From here, you have a good view of the landing aircraft, aircraft taxiing along the taxiway in front of you and all aircraft lining up from the other side. Do not block the entrance to the fields and walk along the fence to protect the crops.

3South Side

Another great spot for photography is spot 3. With a big digital 400mm lens, pictures can be taken of landing and departing aircraft. Along the B1192 to New York, take the first right into Reedham Lane after crossing the runway. At the end of this road, you will have an excellent view of the runway. Photos can be made with some high steps to counter the three meter high fence.

4View onto the dispersals

For some serials of Typhoons and a preserved Lightning, this is the spot. Drive along the B1192 into New York and take a right here towards Hawthorn Hill. Take the first right into a road towards a secondary gate. Towards this gate, you will be able to spot some Typhoons. If you take the first left, along the fence, you will be able to spot some more Typhoons and a preserved Lightning. This road is not very wide but also not very busy and there is ample space to park the car at any position.

5Runway 07

Coming from spot 4, take the first left, first right into New York Road and then first right into Coningsby Road/Dogdyke Road. When you see the fence at your right, just before the runway, there is a small road along the fence, to the right. Coming from the A153, drive into Coningsby and follow the signs towards the BBMF but continue on this road past the landing runway. It is the small road at your left, along the fence. At this spot, with some steps, you have a good view of the runway and southern taxiway, especially in the afternoon. It is best to park your car at the Viewing Area at spot 6.

6Viewing Area

The official Viewing Area can be reached by following the signs towards the BBMF when leaving the A153. After passing the BBMF hangar and parking, continue on Dogdyke Road until you see the small parking lot at your right just before the runway. Park your car here and position yourself along the road or at spot 5 for landing shots with easterly winds. Also, in the afternoon, you can photograph the aircraft exiting the end of the runway. Furthermore, while walking along the wooden fence, which is not very high but covered a sticky substance, you will be able to spot some Typhoons on the southern dispersals and the large apron in the northern part.


The wellknown Battle of Britain Memorial Flight has its residence here. It is well signposted from Coningsby when leaving the A153. This spot offers a good view on the ramp of both the BBMF and the reserve squadrons operating from the flightline. There are some parking spots between the fence and the gate but if needed, there is a large parking spot on the other side of the road. Also, walking along the fence could give you some more serials of aircraft on the flightline.

8Northern Crashgate

When you leave the A153 into Coningsby and follow the signs towards RAF Coningsby, you will - of course - end up at the gate. This turns out to be quite convenient as there are two aircraft preserved. If you continue on this road called Old Boston Road you will end up at a crash gate with ample parking space. In the afternoon, nice pictures can be made of aircraft on the taxiway in front of you and the runway. Some steps are needed, although there is a small heap of dirt with a similar purpose. Of course, do not block the crash gate.

9Another Northern Crash Gate

Another crash gate on the north side with a slightly better angle can be reached via the A153 and B1192. On the B1192, take the first right onto Cross Keys Lane. Here the parking situation near the gate is quite difficult so it is better to park the car a bit further down the road. A stepladder is needed here.

spot 1

Spot 1 offers great possibilities for photography. This Typhoon is landing at runway 25. (James Shelbourn)



Based Operators

3sq, 11sq, 12sqTyphoon FGR4
29sq, 41sqTyphoon FGR4, Typhoon T3
BoBMFHurricane, Lancaster, Spitfire


XT891/PThis Phantom FGR2 can be found at the main gate, also coded 'Z' on nosewheel door
ZE760/APThis Tornado F3 is also preserved at the gate.
XR753/'XI'Lightning F6, in ZXI(F)sq HAS area, visible from spot 4.
XW924/GHarrier GR3, in 3(F)sq HAS-area
Official websiteThe RAF website on Coningsby

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