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Last Validated Nov 2010
City Fujairah
Position 25°06'44"N 056°19'26"E
Runway(s) 11/29
Elevation 152 ft


Fujairah is the easternmost emirate, overlooking the Gulf of Oman. Its airport is situated near the coast and very low in movements. However, a highly interesting collection of mainly Soviet-built aircraft has been around in various states of decay or repair for years. In the past, airside photograpy permits have been sold but this was terminated early this century. Be aware, plane spotting is neither understood nor appreciated in Arab countries!


Like many airfields in the region, this one too is surrounded by a wall, making it impossible to see anything but a few tailfins from ground level. In the east, the perimeter nearly touches the coast and to the south lies mainly rocky desert, with some excavation sites. However, there are possibilities here, though most require both caution and perseverance. Fujairah has a single 3750m long runway. Photography on final 29 is possible, provided one happens to be there in the event of something landing.

Fujairah's storage areas have increased by some 300% from 2005 until 2010, and include a lot of unpaved surface. A road has been constructed all along the southern perimeter wall. The remains of dumped P-3C 158217, south of the beginning of runway 11, are likely not visible anymore from this road.

Getting There

Either fly in or drive to the airport. The Fujairah-Masafi Road leads inland towards Ras-al-Khaimah in the north and Sharjah in the west. The driving time from either city is roughly an hour and a half.

Around the Airport

1The hill

Immediately east of the central storage and maintenance apron lies a hill that was the only real vantage point for a long time. From both the terminal and town sides, tracks lead up the hill that are partially suitable for rental cars. It is wise to walk the last part, act quickly and keep a low profile - all the more so as the police have a station on the southeastern hilltop! Apart from that, the top offers an excellent view on parts of the storage, often packed with planes. The other aprons and their contents are visible too and many numbers can be read off if the hot air allows so. Photography is reasonably good for the nearby aircraft, but this obviously involves a risk.


Both from the terminal building and its car park, spotting is possible and can be done without attracting attention by being swift and careful. The new upstairs cafe in the terminal has panoramic windows, providing for a great view. Be aware, visible binoculars and cameras are a guarantee for trouble.


From several nearby buildings, one can obtain an excellent - albeit somewhat distant - view over the airport. When combined with a view from the hill, this should be good for a nearly full log of the many airframes usually present. The Fujairah Trade Centre and Fujairah Tower are certainly worth trying.

Smart looking Il-18 seen from the terminal, spot 2. Taking the photo resulted in questioning of all people in the party of the photographer.

Looking at the airport from Fujairah Tower, spot 3.


125.450Dubai Departure

Based Operators

Fujairah Aviation AcademyDA-42

More Info

Fujairah International AirportOfficial website

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