Pruszcz Gdañski

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Last Validated 7-2009
City Pruszcz Gdañski
Position 54°14'53"N 018°40'24"E
Runway(s) 10/28
Elevation 20 ft


Located just south of Gdansk, this airfield of Pruszcz Gdañski was built in 1944 and expanded in the years hereafter. The local aeroclub is still active on the north side of the field. The airfield has been a Polish Army airfield since 1967. The first helicopters arrived in 1968 when the resident 49 Pułku Śmigłowców received some Mi-2 helicopters. End 1968, the regiment received more helicopters to be able to participate in the invasion of the Warsaw Pact in Czechoslovakia. In 1981 the regiment received the all-new Mi-24D Hind attack helicopter and changed its name into 49.Pułk Śmigłowców Bojowych. Between 2005 and 2007, the regiment took part in the military mission in Iraq, while in 2007 and 2008 the regiment was incorporated in the allied forces in Afghanistan.


The airfield has a west-east orientated runway. The south part is for the military while the north side is for the aeroclub.

Getting There

The airfield is located just south of Gdansk, east of the highway A1 and east of the Route 1 (E75), both from Gdansk towards Grudziadz. Directions towards spot 1 by car are via Route 1 coming from the north, coming from Gdansk. Turn left at the main intersection at the first traffic light, then drive towards the viaduct passing over the railroad. At the roundabout go right, cross the next crossing straight, therefore driving slightly to the left. After the turn you are at the proper street to get to the Aeroclub. After passing the entry gate to the military to your left, continue for about 1 kilometer to arrive at the aeroclub gate to your left.
If you prefer to travel by train, get off at Gdansk Pruszcz Station than walk 20 minutes to the airport. Go east and follow the main road Powstancow Warszawa to the aeroclub.
If you travel by bus, from the railroad station of Gdañsk, take the following Pruszcza buses: 232, 207, 50, 2 and 3, and private and BUSY 802. Buses 232, 50 and 3 go to the centre of Gdansk Pruszcza, while buses 207, 2, 802 and BUSY are going to stop near the airport. get off at the street Galczynski, then have a walk for a few hundred meters to the gate of the Aeroclub.

Around the Airport


By following the directions, you will arrive at spot 1 near the aeroclub. From here you will be able to read off some helicopters. Alternatively, you could be very nice to the gents of the aeroclub and ask them for permission to enter the aeroclub and read off some serials here.

2Look onto Flightline

Another spot for some reading is spot 2. From spot 1 drive back onto the Route 277 towards the large crossing. Take a right here to drive along the perimeter of the airfield. After passing the runway, take a left at the first crossing onto road Dywizwonu 303 along some garage boxes. When the street turns to the right, in the corner, you can read off some serials as well as you look onto the flightline.

3Near Main Gate

Another look onto the flightline can be done from spot 3. Walk along the building from spot 2 towards the main gate and have a look.



Based Operators

3.Eskadra CSARMi-2RL,
Aeroclub Gdanskivarious, including An-2 and PZL-104.

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