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City Bodø
Position 67°16'08"N 014°21'49"E
Runway(s) 07/25
Elevation 42 ft


Bodø, pronounced as "Boo-duh", located mid-Norway, is the country's main fighter base. Bodø is the northern end of the railroad network of Norway and is located on an unsheltered peninsula in the Norwegian Sea. The base houses two F-16 squadrons of the Royal Norwegian Air Force and a detachment of Sea King helicopters. The airfield is also the home base of Widerøe, the largest regional airline in Scandinavia. Viewing possibilities are rather good here, and to make your visit even more worth you while aast of the airfield along the Olav V gate you will find the Norsk Luftfartsmuseum.

Beware, photography at military installations is generally not allowed in Norway.


Bodø has single 07/25, east-west runway. The civil terminal is located to the north side of the runway, as are some shelters. The southern area is home to the military and is dotted with shelters. The museum can be found on the north east side. As the airfield is located on a peninsula, its impossible to reach the west and south side of the airfield over land.

Getting There

You can go to Bodø by train, plane, or by car. The airport is close by the city and you will reach it by taking the Olav V gate in western direction. The airfield is clearly signposted.

Around the Airport

1North west view - Widerøe hangars

On a small gravel parking lot next to the Widerøe hangars (to the west), north of the runway is spot 1. The spot is less suitable for photography however, due to the back light, buffer fence and military installations in the back. Approaching aircraft may be graphed from here if you are lucky.

2Approach 25 - north side

Spot 2 is the control tower of the Norwegian Aviation Museum. From here good views can be had on the eastern part of the base, although photography is hindered by back light and military installations are found in the background.

3Approach 25 - south side

If you want to take photos at Bodø, we suggest the road passing threshold 25, leading to the main entrance of the military base. The road is named Hangåsveien, alternatively take Rishaugveien which runs parallel to the approach path. Taking photos of planes approaching, while they are still in the air should not be a problem. That is, as long as you don't get any infrastructure details on your photos that could be used as a location reference. However, as this location is quite close to the main entrance, don't be surprised if you are questioned by the guards.

A Norwegian Sea King coming in for landing at runway 07 after a testflight, taken at spot 1. Sven van Roij.


118.100 / 398.650Tower
257.800Tower (NATO Common)
119.700 / 124.000Approach / Departure
259.025 / 277.300Approach / Departure

Based Operators

Luftforsvaret (RNoAF)
330 skv det. BodøSea King Mk43B
331 skvF-16AM
332 SkvF-16AM
Civil companies
Lufttransport det.AW139
Beech 200


25+64F-104G, gateguard as "12626", near spot 3

More Info

Bodø HovedflystasjonOfficial website of Bodø air base
Bodø LufthavnBodø airport on Avinor website
Norwegian Aviation MuseumOfficial website of the Norwegian Aviation Museum

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