Thessaloniki - Sedes

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City Thessaloniki
Position 40°32'01"N 023°01'27"E
Runway(s) 13/31
Elevation 110 ft


The military airfield of Sedes, southeast of Thessaloniki (Θεσσαλονίκη), holds a small transport unit with the last Dakotas as well as an army aviation enclave with some helicopters and U-17.


The northern side of the airfield houses the air force and most buildings. There is a large ramp north of the runway which holds numerous preserved aircraft along with the surviving Daks. In the northwest corner some Dakotas are stored in the grass. The southwest side of the airfield is occupied by the army. They have a small uunit with a couple of helicopters and U-17 here.

Getting There

From the international airport

The airfield is almost literally 'across the road' from Thessaloniki's Makedonia international airport. Take the main road exiting the airport, straight on at the first big intersection, proceed towards the highway. Enter at the Thermi (Θέρμη) interchange go northbound towards Thessaloniki but leave the first exit. The exit turns sharply to the right, go left at the end towards Poligiros (Πολύγυρος). After a couple of hundred metres you will reach a roundabout. You are now at the airfield's western threshold.

From Thessaloniki town

Take the E90 southbound and go towards the international airport. At the Thermi interchange, take the exit and head for Poligiros as described above.

Around the Airport

1Southwest side army ramp

From the aforementioned roundabout go right towards Agias Paraskevi and make a left after the perimeter fence ends towards an industrial area. From this road you will see the small army hangar and ramp, which is partly blocked from view by the hangar.

2South side overview

Driving further along this road will lead give you a nice view of the preserved aircraft and the operational ramp. Moreover, the stored Dakotas can be seen and read with some effort; from under the wings for example... Pick a high spot because the road goes down the further you drive.


118.275Approach (Thessaloniki-Macedonia)

Based Operators

307 TSYAYU-17, UH-1H o/h


KN542C-47B, on ramp
89065F-5A, on ramp as '085'
37682RF-84F, on ramp as '629'
61031/031F-102A, on ramp
(5708)TF-104G, on ramp in blue c/s
53-241N2501D, on ramp as '501'
21367/TR-367T-33AN, on ramp
35629/TR-629T-33A, on ramp
516713/TR-713T-33A, on base
KN575C-47B, on base
92627, 92634C-47, stored on grass
92635, 92638C-47, stored on grass
KN475C-47B, stored on grass

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Thessaloniki - Sedes

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