Bornholm - Rønne

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City Rønne
Position 55°03'48"N 014°45'34"E
Runway(s) 11/29
Elevation 52 ft


Bornholm is an island in the Baltic Sea, well east of other Danish islands, making Rønne airport the easternmost airport of Denmark. The island is a tourist destination and the airport can be considered the island's gateway. Bornholm was home to its own airline, Wings of Bornholm, which ceased operations in the spring of 2010. Usually, a single EH101 is found on detachment here for SAR operations.


The airport has a single 11/29 runway, and all facilities can be found in the north west corner of the airfield. From east to west, these include the civil terminal, general aviation section and the military apron. The north side is generally accessible, just like the east side. A holiday park can be found to the west of the 11 threshold. To reach the south side of the airfield, you will have to bring yourself a pair of walking boots, but the results can be rewarding.

Getting There

Rønne airport is likely to be your point of entry to Bornholm, unless you arrive by boat. The airport is about 5km south east of town of Rønne, south of road 38 and bordering the Baltic Sea to its south side.

Around the Airport

1Terminal area

Not the best spot at Bornholm to watch, but a convenient way to start your trip around the airport is the terminal area. It is hard to find a decent view of the main apron from here, but it does yield some opportunities in the general aviation area to the west. Its however not likely you can graph something with perfect lighting conditions from here anyway.

2Apron - west side

A bit better is the second spot, in terms of views in the general aviation area that is, as most of the main apron is obstructed by hangars. From the terminal, turn left to Rønne and immediately left again on Stampenvej. This road leads into a well-known holiday park, but public access is permitted. Just keep the fence on your left and you will find the spot in the corner of the road. Again, its not a great spot, but one to check out if you want to make sure you will see everything present.

3Runway 11/27 & apron - south side

Arguably the best spot at Bornholm is spot 3, but it is not easy to reach. You cannot get their by car, but instead have to put on your hiking boots. The easiest way is to park you car in Stampen holiday park. From here, you will have to take a stroll east along the shore, past threshold 11. Walk as far as you can for good views on the apron and aircraft on the runway. A crash gate exists with a stretch of paved road leading to nowhere, which is a good spot to watch and take picture of aircraft on the runway. Photography is good from here during all day, just make sure you will not get bored.

4Approach 27 - south side

Approach 27 can be reached by turning right after leaving the terminal area at spot 1. Take Amagervej to your right to the small town of Amager. You can take a right again just after passing the 27 threshold, or continue into the town, depending on the lens you brought. Spot 4 is a bit close to the centreline of runway 27, and aircraft may sometimes be to high for comfort here. If so, walk or drive down to the shoreline in Amager to find a more suitable spot.


118.325 / 257.800Tower

Based Operators

Esk 722 detEH101

More Info

Bornholm LufthavnOfficial site of Bornholm airport

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