Guaymaral - Flaminio S. Camacho (Chía)

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Last Validated Aug 2009
City Chía
Position 04°48'44"N 074°03'54"W
Runway(s) 11/29
Elevation 8478 ft


Guaymaral is a general aviation airfield about 16kms north of Bogota, near the suburb of Chia. Moreoever, the airfield serves as a base of the Colombian National Police, which operates its helicopters from a number of walled and heavily guarded compounds. Guaymaral is not an easy airfield to practise your hobby and if there's no flying activity, we recommend trying to get a platform tour.

Beware, aircraft spotting and photography are not generally understood as a hobby in Colombia.


The runway lies east west and all hangars and buildings are situated north of the runway. These, however, as well as hedges and walls, effectively block views from the road. The south side is reasonably open, but the distance from the dirt road to the runway is considerable.

Getting There

Guaymaral is situated north of Bogota, and south of its suburb Chia. From the city centre follow the autopista to Tunja and take the Guaymaral exit.

Around the Airport

1Approach 11

Arguably the best spot to witness flying activity at Guaymaral is the 11 approach. A dirt road leads under the 11 approach and provides good views if runway 11 is in use. The best spot for photography will be on the south side. It will be hard to find a safe parking spot on this road, so you may want to leave your car with the snackbar at the intersection. The road also gives some views of the light aircraft parked in the north west corner of the airfield, which is occupied by Aerocentro.

2South side

After passing the 11 approach, take the first road on your left to get an overview of the south side of the airfield. Although blocked by omnipresent hedges and bushes it gives you the best idea where to focus for the aircraft of your liking. Of most aircraft and helicopters you can only have views of their tops. You may be able to read aircraft in take-off, but the distance is too big for decent photography.

3East side

On the road north of the airport another spot can be found. Aircraft will appear fairly high and back-lit, but this is possibly your best bet when runway 29 is in use.


119.500Bogota approach

Based Operators

Policía Nacional de Colombia
ARAVIBell 206
Bell 412EP
Civil companies
Aerocentro de Colombiamaintenance centre
Aeroleavermaintenance centre
Tecniaereas de ColombiaBell 206L

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