We provide you with the best spotters spots on Earth! Not only active airbases form all over the world are presented, many popular airfields and airbases are opened up in the Airfield Guide section.

Orders of Battle

Our editors compiled detailed overviews regarding the world's air forces, army aviation, naval aviation, marines and coast guards as well as any other government-funded military agency. In this section you can find specific information on over 100 Armed Forces. This information includes the current Orders of Battle, access entries to the connecting aircraft databases and aircraft overviews of the Armed Forces.

The overviews are continually updated by the editors and give you a good insight containing the following items

- An introduction and with some countries a brief history.
- Order of Battle, divided by the individual air arms within a country.
- A country map.
- Detailed maps and when possible a direct link to the airfield guide.
- Air Base, Wing and Squadron badges.
- Links to other websites. - Pictures.

The Air Force overviews may be of good value while planning a trip to one of the countries listed. However, while our hobby gets accepted on an increasing (global) basis, we cannot stress enough that there are still countries/local airbases that misunderstand our hobby and see it as an illegal activity. In extreme circumstances this can lead to highly unpleasant situations.

While aircraft spotting and photography may be legally allowed, sometimes law enforcement, security staff, and/or property owners may request you to leave. In these instances please respect their request(s) and leave for a different location. Finally, when restricted areas are clearly marked with signs and/or fences, please adhere to them as well. 

In our OrBats and airfield guides, navigational data is given. Even though codes and locations should be correct, they are not intended for official use. Please be careful carrying printouts or other information which could be harmful. The Dutch Aviation Society does not accept any responsibility when their publications are taken to places where the possession of this sort of information is punishable.

Airfield Guide

Finding an airport or airbase is one thing, but finding the right place to photograph or log aircraft is something else. Here you can find all you would need to have a successful spotting experience at airports/airbases the world over. For each spot we give details about possibilities for logging aircraft and photographing them, and where applicable info on parking, if it can be reached by public transport, etc.

In addition we give information about what you can expect to see at the airfield, whether it be based operators or the regular visitors. Finally we give you an overview of the radio telephony frequencies used, any preserved aircraft or near the airfield and links to other websites about the airfield. While the focus is on European airports and airbases, our coverage is worldwide. With your help we can add even more airfield guides and update the existing ones.

These guides are continuously updated, so be sure to check them before you set off on your next trip!



Show Dates

On the showdates pages you will find up-to-date information of coming airshows including links to the organizations.

TLP Info and reports

This is the dedicated part of our website for one of the most interesting exercises Western European spotters can attend. Formerly held at Florennes, Belgium, the TLP relocated to Albacete, Spain, in July 2009. The Tactical Leadership Programme (TLP)  hosts many attendees from NATO countries like the UK, France, Italy, Greece and Turkey. Here you will find the overview of the aircraft participating in present and past editions and all other information you will need to know.

SIS Summary

The SIS-Summary summarizes news reports, set up to provide military aviation enthusiasts with advance and up-to-date information on scheduled aircraft movements, exercises, deployments and squadron exchanges in Europe.