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Ukraine Marine Aviation Brigade
Ukraine Marine Aviation Brigade
Морская авиационная бригада
The Ka-27, maybe like the KA-27PS bort 20 yellow seen here, have survived the Russian annexation of The Crimea.
Patrick Roegies
Mykolaiv/Kulbakino (UKON)
Rwy: 05/23
Pos: 46°56'12"N 032°05'56"E
Elev: 172 ft
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge

Marine Aviation Squadron

Морської авіаційної ескадрильї

Marine Helicopter Squadron

Морські вертолітна ескадрилья
Mi-8 (wfu)
Ka-29 (wfu)
The units have been retracted from Saki naval base on The Crimea. Before that, 1 An-2, 2 An-26s, 1 Ka-27, 3 to 4 Mi-14s and 4 TO 6 Be-12s were operable. The survivors are now at Kulbakino. Saki now houses a Russian unit flying Su-24s.

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