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Togolese Air Force / Force Aérienne Togolaise

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By Arnold ten Pas


Togo has an air force which fits the size of the country: relatively small. Although the air force is small, Togo has some avaition-history . After gaining independence in 1960 the first aircraft were obtained, an C-47 and two Broussards. In 1963 a treaty was signed with France which led to the delivery of some aircraft. The French influence remained through the years with deliveries of five Alpha Jets. The Alpha Jets still form the backbone of the Togolese Air Force.

Besides the Alpha Jets the Air Force consists of two Beech 200s, some Epsilons, Ce337s, EMB326s and two SA315s. The Air Force has the used the CM170 Magister but it is not clear if they are still used. Niamtougou is used as main base.