Armed Forces Overviews

Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania (United Republic of Tanzania)

Other Forces

By Michiel Vermeer & Erwin van Dijkman

Tanzania is a republic and one of the places were many tourist go on their holidays to see wildlife at the serengeti, to visit the Ngorongo crater or to scale the Kilimanjaro. Together with natural resources this provides Tanzania with at least some budget to spend on the armed forces.

Jeshi la Anga la Wananchi wa Tanzania (Tanzania Air Force Command)


The inventory of the air force reflects the fact that China is the country from which Tanzania imports most. Many of the newer acquisitions come from there, like the F-7 fighter, K-8 trainer, and Y8 and Y12 transports. For helicopters, they rely of Bell and Agusta Bell models. Main bases are Dar-es-Salaam and Ngerengere.


Wakala wa Ndege za Serikali (Tanzania Government Flight Agency)


Tanzania's VVIP's are hauled around in some executive aircraft. Star of the fleet is a G550, but also other business aircraft are used. The flight unit operates from Dar-es-Salaam.

Jeshi la Polisi Tanzania (Tanzania Police Force)


Tanzania's police also has aerial assets, organized in the Police Air Wing. Apart from some helicopters they also, fly the Cessna 206. Operating base is Dar-es-Salaam.