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Taiwan Army
Taiwan Army
Chung-Hua Min Guo Lu Jun
Combat recce missions for the ROC Army are carried out by the OH-58. All three army bases host this type of helicopter.
Photo: (Hsinshe, 30 December 2006, Reinier Schreurs)
Gueiren (RCXY)
Rwy: 18/36, 18/36A, 18/36B
Pos: 22°58'54"N 120°17'04"E
Elev: 70 ft
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Tail Colour Badge

Air Transport Battalion CH-47SD
Army Aviation Training Centre

Attack Battalion AH-1W

1st Air Assault Battalion UH-1H

2nd Air Assault Battalion UH-1H

unknown OH-58D

unknown TH-67
The Air Transport Battalion is probably not part of the AATC but resides directly under the Army Aviation and Special Force Command HQ

A total of 63 AH-1 Cobra's were delivered to the army. With 601st Airborne Brigade the type is now replaced by 30 AH-64E Apache helicopters.
Photo: (Hsinchu, May 2008, Reinier Schreurs)
Longtan (RCDI)
Rwy: 04/22 3252ft
Pos: 24°51'19"N 121°14'15"E
Elev: 792 ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Tail Colour Badge
601st Airborne Brigade

1st Attack Helicopter Battalion AH-64E

2nd Attack Helicopter Battalion AH-64E

601st Air Assault Battalion UH-1H

601st Combat Recconaissance Battalion OH-58D

Taiwan's AIDC locally assembled over 100 Hueys in the early seventies. The type is still being operated in large number on all three army aviation bases. The first of 60 UH-60Ms, bound to replace the type, arrived in December 2014.
Photo: (Hsinshe, December 2006, Reinier Scheurs)
Sinshe (RCWK)
Rwy: 17/35
Pos: 24°13'31"N 120°48'57"E
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Tail Colour Badge
602nd Airborne Brigade

1st Attack Helicopter Battalion AH-1W

2nd Attack Helicopter Battalion AH-1W

602nd Air Assault Battalion UH-1H

602nd Combat Recconaissance Battalion OH-58D
In 2015 UH-60Ms the first were noted at Hsinshe (60 helicopters of this type have been ordered to replace the UH-1). Their unit has not been confirmed yet.

The Chinooks represent the army's heavy metal. A total of nine CH-47SDs were delivered in 2001 and 2002.
Photo: (Tainan, November 2007, Reinier Schreurs)
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