Armed Forces Overviews

Al Quwwat al-Jawwiya as-Sudaniya (Sudanese Air Force)

Other Forces

By Michiel Vermeer & Erwin van Dijkman

Sudan is a war-torn country and as a consequence they have a large air force always looking to beef up its ranks with new material, despite of arms bans.

Not much is known about the current order ot battle. Although most aircraft are centered at the main military air base at Wadi Sayyidna, just North of Khartoum, many sightings at other airfields indicate that forward deployments regularly occur. Port Sudan seems to house the training unit and a couple of new facilities are being built with help from Iran.

Sudanese Naval Forces

Other Forces

The Sudan Navy was created in 1962 and uses mainly surface vessels. Their main base is at Port Sudan. Recently, a two tone blue coloured Mi-2 was seen in full naval markings. Its is based at Port Sudan airport.