Armed Forces Overviews
Royal Saudi Land Forces
Royal Saudi Land Forces
King Khalid Military City (KKMC) Hafr, Al Batin (OEKK)
Rwy: 13/31
Pos: 27°54'03"N 045°31'42"E
Elev: 1352 ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
RSLAF Aviation Command

1st Aviation Battalion Bell 406CS

2nd Aviation Battalion AH-64A
In late 2009 or early 2010 the RSLF introduced Sikorsky S-333 light training helicopters but their location remains unknown. Nineteen have been ordered. The S-70A-1 Black Hawk helicopters will be modified from the UH-60A model configuration to the more modern UH-60L aircraft configuration. Ten remaining Boeing AH-64A Apache helicopters from the original batch of twelve will be modernized to AH-64D Block III Apache Longbow standard. A further 24 new built Boeing AH-64D Block III Apache Longbow helicopters will join the RSLF.

Riyadh/King Khaled Air Base (OERY)
Rwy: 01/19, 12/30
Pos: 24°42'35"N 046°43'31"E
Elev: 2082 ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
SANG Aviation Command

National Guard Aviation Regiment AH-6SA
Orders for the Saudi Arabian National Guard Aviation Command include 36 Boeing AH-64D Block III Apache helicopters, 72 Sikorsky UH-60M Black Hawk transport helicopters, 36 Boeing AH-6i Little Bird light attack helicopters and twelve MD Helicopters MD-530F light turbine helicopters. The massive influx of new aircraft will result in new units and new bases. SANG headquarters is located in Riyadh but possibly not at King Khaled Air Base.

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