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Portuguese Navy
Portuguese Navy
Marinha Portuguesa
Montijo (LPMT)
Rwy: 01/19, 08/26
Pos: 38°42'14"N 009°02'09"W
Elev: 46 ft
Base Aerea Esquadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge

EsqHel da Marinha Lynx Mk95
The Portuguese Lynxes are currently undergoing an upgrage with Leonardo (Yeovil, UK)
The Portuguese Navy uses five Lynx helicopters for missions from Frigates.
Photo: Joao Paulo Nabais, 22 July 2009
F330 Vasco da Gama class (Ship)
Ship Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge

F330 NRP Vasco da Gama Lynx Mk95

F331 NRP Alvares Cabral Lynx Mk95

F332 NRP Corte Real Lynx Mk95

F333 NRP Bartolomeu Dias Lynx Mk95

F334 NRP Francisco Almeida Lynx Mk95
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