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Philippine Armed Forces / Pilipinas Hukbong Himpapawid

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Being a Spanish colony from 1565 the Philippines were 'handed over' to the USA in 1898. During 1946 the country became independent. The country consists of numerous islands mostly covered by rainforests and subject to earthquakes and typhoons. Over 60 million Filipinos live on this 300.000 square kilometre country.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines had been established on 21 December 1935 when the Philippine Army was renamed.

The Philippine Air Force became independent of the Philippine Army during 1947, resulting in the AFP consisting of four major services Army (Hukbong Katihan ng Pilipinas), Air Force (Hukbong Himpapawid ng Pilipinas), Navy (Hukbong Pandagat ng Pilipinas) and the Constabulary In 1986 the Coast Guard separated from the Navy and in 1991 the Philippines Constabulary separated from the AFP and merged with the National Police.

At the end of the last century many transport aircraft carried "Hukbong Himpapawid ng Pilipinas" titles. On July 14th 1999 the new Air Force seal was introduced with the new Air Force name: "Pilipinas Hukbong Himpapawid".

Units from these three services may be assigned to one of several "Unified Commands"\:

  • Northern Luzon Command (NOLCOM)
  • Southern Luzon Command (SOLCOM)
  • Central Command (CENTCOM)
  • Western Command (WESCOM)
  • Eastern Mindanao Command (EASTMINCOM)
  • Western Mindanao Command (WESTMINCOM)

Although in recent history the AFP was able to focus on internal threats only, efforts are underway the expand the capabilities, with the ordering of twelve TA-50 Golden Eagles as the moist significant result. Also trainer aircraft, helicopters and transport aircraft are added to the air force resulting in a major modernization of the flying element of the armed forces

History of 570th CTW

570th Composite Tactical Wing started as a task force on 2 March 1973. In 1974 it was re-disignated as 610th Composite Tactical Group with two squadrons. In 1978, it became the 202nd Air Base Wing under the 2nd Air Division. It was renamed again as 570th Air Base Wing in 15 March of 1979 and as 570th Composite Tactical Wing on 16 June 1983. 4th TOW came into being 14 March 2006 and was once again re-designated back to the 570th Composite Tactical Wing in 01 August 2007.

The 570th Composite Tactical Wing now has two groups namely 570th Air Base Group and Tactical Operations Group (TOG) seven. The TOG-7 has direct supervision over all flying units namely: 505 SARG, 220THW, 15th SW, 205th THW and 5th Fighter Group.