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Paraguay - Air Force
Paraguay - Air Force
Fuerza Aérea Paraguaya
Paraguay has been operating the EMB312 Tucano since 1987. Late 2010, the three survivors of the original six, were augmented by three former Brazilian Air Force examples. One of those, 1058, is seen here visiting neighbouring Uruguay at their 100th anniversary airshow.
Photo: Carrasco,
14 March 2013,
Marcelo Cal
Concepción (SGCO)
Rwy: 03/21
Pos: 23°26'30"S 057°25'38"W
Elev: 253 ft
Escuadrón Escuadrilla Aircraft Type(s) Badge

Grupo Aéreo Instrucción (GAI)
Escuadrón Fenix

Escuadrilla Antares T-35A (ECH-51A)
T-35B (ECH-51B)

Escuadrilla Pantera T-35A (ECH-51A)
T-35B (ECH-51B)

Although definitely not a last generation aircraft, this Neiva T-25 Universal is one of the latest acquisitions of the FAP. Six of these rugged trainers were donated in a friendly gesture by neighbouring Brazil and delivered in December 2005.
Photo: Ricardo Hebmuller
Silvio Pettirossi IAP (SGAS)
Rwy: 02/20
Pos: 25°14'23"S 057°31'09"W
Elev: 292 ft
Escuadrón Escuadrilla Aircraft Type(s) Badge

Grupo Aéreo de Transporte Especiales (GATE)

Beech 58

Grupo Aerotáctico (GAT)
3er Escuadrón de Caza

Escuadrilla Gama AT-27 (EMB312A)

Escuadrilla Omega AT-27 (EMB312A)

Grupo de Transporte Aereo (GTA)

Servicio de Transporte Aéreo Militar (SETAM) C212-200

Sun bleached AT-26s can still be found stored at Silvio Pettirossi; the type is withdrawn with no successor.
Photo: Jaap Dijkstra
Rwy: 01/19
Pos: 25°16'25"S 057°31'50"W
Elev: 343 ft
Escuadrón Escuadrilla Aircraft Type(s) Badge

Grupo Aéreo de Helicópteros (GAH)

Escuadrilla Dragones Bell 407GXi
Bell 427

Chilean built T-35 Pilláns replaced the T-6, T-23 and T-25 in FAP service. They are known by their official designation ECH-51A and B.
Photo: Jaap Dijkstra
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