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Royal Moroccan Air Force
Royal Moroccan Air Force
Ben Guerir
6 Air Base (Benguérir)
Rwy: 18/36
Pos: 32°07'28"N 007°52'41"W
Elev: 1410ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Escadre de Chasse

Escadron de Chasse "Falcon" F-16C

Escadron de Chasse "Spark" F-16C

Escadron de Chasse "Viper" F-16C
The first F-16C-52 (08-8001)for the Moroccan Air Force just after roll-out.
Photo: (Lockheed Martin)
Kénitra (GMMY)
3 Air Base
Rwy: 03/21, 07/25
Pos: 34°17'56"N 006°35'45"W
Elev: 4018 ft
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge

Escadre de Transport C-27J

Escadre de Transport 3 CN235M-100

Escadre de Transport Falcon 20ECM

Ecole Bimoteurs Beech A100
Seven CN235M-100s fly with the Escadre Transport 3 at Kénitra. They were bought in 1990 as an addition to the transport fleet of C-130H.
Photo: (Meknes, March 2006, Arnold ten Pas)
Laâyoune/Hassan I (GMML)
Rwy: 02/20, 04/22
Pos: 27°08'15"N 013°13'12"W
Elev: 220 ft
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge

Escadre de Chasse (det) F-5E

Maritime Patrol Flight Do28D2
oth the L’Ecole de Spécialisation Hélicoptères and the Escadre Hélicoptère at Rabat-Salé use the AB206A and AB206B. In total, 22 were delivered to the Moroccan Air Force from 1975.
Photo: (Meknes, March 2006, Arnold ten Pas)
Marrakech/Ménara (GMMX)
Rwy: 10/28
Pos: 31°36'22"N 008°02'08"W
Elev: 4422 ft
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge

Ecole de Pilotage AS202/18

"March Verte" CAP232

Ecole de Technique Various i/a
After finishing flying on the T-34, students of the Ecole de Pilotage fly the T-37B. Fourteen of this aircraft were delivered in 1996 as a replacement for the aging CM170. The aircraft are second hand examples and used to fly with the USAF 64th FTW at Reese AFB, Lubbock (TX) before delivery to Morocco. Usually, students fly about 200 hours in the T-37B before they graduate and move on to the transport aircraft, fighters or helicopters.
Photo: (Meknes, March 2006, Arnold ten Pas)
Meknes/Bassatine (GMFM)
2 Air Base
Rwy: 09/27
Pos: 33°52'45"N 005°30'54"W
Elev: 1890 ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Escadre de Chasse

Escadron de Chasse Chahine F-5E

Escadron de Chasse Borak F-5E
Centre d'Instruction Pilotes Combat

Escadron d'Entrainement Avancé Alpha Jet H

Escadron de Instruction Sol Alpha Jet H

Ecole de Chasse Christian Martel Alpha Jet H
In 1985 the Moroccan Government started with a cloud seeding program called ‘Al Ghait'. Al Ghait has several meanings but can be translated into life, the beauty of nature and the element which gives life to the desert. For this program two aircraft were equipped with special instruments with assistance of the Fargo (ND) based company Weather Modification Inc. One of them is an unknown Beech King Air which holds cloud physics and seeding equipment and the other is Moroccan Air Force Alpha Jet 245 which only holds the seeding equipment. To be prepared for the dangers when flying into the clouds the Alpha jet is equipped with a Sperry/Honeywell PRIMUS 300SL colour weather radar system, hence the different shape of the nose-radome. During operations the aircraft will fly into the clouds and spray chemicals by pushing a button on the control stick. The chemicals will leave the rear of the aircraft via the modified AN/ALE-40 counter measure flare dispenser system. Due to the iodized chemicals the volume of the clouds should grow which should increase the chance for rain. The system was first used in Morocco in 1999 and has also been used between 1999 and 2002 in Burkina Faso. It was first shown to the public in March 2006.
Photo: (Meknes, March 2006, Arnold ten Pas)
Rabat/Salé (GMME)
1 Air Base
Rwy: 03/21
Pos: 34°03'05"N 006°45'06"W
Elev: 272ft
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge

Escadre Hélicoptère SA330F
Bell 212

VIP Flight Gulfstream IIT
Gulfstream III
Falcon 50
Beech 200C
Beech 300
Cessna 560

L'Ecole de Spécialisation Hélicoptères AB205A
The Rabat-Salé based Escadre Hélicoptère uses twelve Elicotteri Meridionali built CH-47C(M) Chinook. They were delivered in two batches of six in 1979 and 1982.
Photo: (Meknes, March 2006, Arnold ten Pas)
Sidi Slimane (GMSL)
5 Air Base
Rwy: 08/26
Pos: 34°13'50"N 006°03'00"W
Elev: 3827 ft
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge

Escadron de Chasse Atlas Mirage F1EH-200

Escadron de Chasse Assad Mirage F1CH
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