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Malta - Armed Forces of Malta
Malta - Armed Forces of Malta
Armed Forces of Malta
This Scottish Aviation Bulldog T1 has retired after a fulfilling career in the Royal Air Force and now spends its days for the Armed Forces Malta in beautiful weather and fine flying conditions. It replaced its registration XX691/11 and is now registered as AS0020.
Photo: Michael van der Mee
Malta/Luqa (LMML)
Rwy: 05/23, 13/31
Pos: 35°51'27"N 014°28'39"E
Elev: 300 ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Aircraft Badge
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2nd Regiment - Air Squadron Alouette 3
Beech 200MPA
On 14 July 1988, after an agreement between Italy and Malta, a permanent detachment of the Aeronautica Militare with two AB212s was based at Luqa Airport. named Missione Italiana di Assistenza Tecnico Militare (MIATM) was based at Luqa. On 1 December 2011, after a new agreement, the name was changed in Missione Italiana di Collaborazione nel Campo della Difesa (MICCD).
This former Libyan Air Force Alouette 3 performes at the annual Air Show at Luqa with a tight turn. Three Libyan Air Force/Police and two Royal Netherlands Air Force Alouettes were acquired by the Armed Forces Malta.
Photo: Michael van der Mee
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