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Kuwait Air Force
Kuwait Air Force
al-Quwwat al-Jawwiya al-Kuwaitiya
Of the 32 single seat and eight duals, 39 remain of which seven are believed stored.
Photo: 409, 9sq
Erwin van Dijkman
Ahmed al Jaber (OKAJ)
Rwy: 15R/33L, 15L/33R
Pos: 28°56'05"N 047°47'31"E
Elev: 409 ft
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
9 Fighter & Attack sq F/A-18C
25 Fighter & Attack sq F/A-18C
61 Fighter & Attack sq F/A-18C on loan
F/A-18D on loan
This is the Hornet training squadron, it uses aircraft from 9 and 25sq.
At least four of the new AH-64D Apache for the Kuwait Air Force initially stayed briefly at Fort Hood (TX) for training, including this KAF003.
Frank Crebas
Ali al Salem (OKAS)
Rwy: 12L/30R, 12R/30L
Pos: 29°20'48"N 047°31'15"E
Elev: 472 ft
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
12 Training sq Hawk Mk64
17 Attack sq AH-64D
19 Traning sq Tucano Mk52
20 Attack sq AH-64D
32 Helicopter sq SA330L
33 Helicopter sq SA342L
62 Utility sq AS332M
Three KC-130J are operated in a three tone grey/blueish colour scheme.
Erwin van Dijkman
Kuwait IAP (OKBK)
Rwy: 15R/33L, 15L/33R
Pos: 29°13'37"N 047°58'49"E
Elev: 206 ft
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
41 Transport sq C-17A
91 Special sq S-92A
The three L-100-30 are withdrawn from use although one might be made airworthy again. The new KC-130J and C-17A now equip 41sq.
The helicopters have "State of Kuwait" titles but are operated by the Air Force.
The S-92 are operated by 91sq but marked with 'State of Kuwait' titles.
Erwin van Dijkman
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