Armed Forces Overviews

Kenya Defence Forces

Other Forces

By Michiel Vermeer & Erwin van Dijkman

Kenya is one of the wealthiest African nations. Famed for its wildlife, most will probably associate this beautiful country with safari and the big five. However, the Republic that gained its independence from Britain on 12 December 1963, also has Defence Forces of course. These consist of the Air Force, Army aviation as well as a Police Air Wing.


Kenya Air Force


Kenya's air force is formed after British example and most of its hardware comes from Western sources. The aircraft are becoming a bit long in the tooth though, so attempts at modernization are undertaken by acquiring new Grob G120 training aircraft and second-hand F-5s from Jordania.



Kenya Army


Kenya's army has had aerial assets for quite some time and is considered one of the more potent army air forces on the continent. H369s form the backbone but these have recently been augmented by Chinese built Z-9W and Mi-171. Some reports have surfaced that Mi-28 were ordered or even already delivered, but as per early 2015 no confirmation of that exists. The force is a special branch within the army and is referred to as the 50 Air Cavalry Battalion.


Kenya Police


The Police in Kenya has some aircraft and helicopters at its disposal too. Based at Nairobi-Wilson the fleet consist of a great variety of aircraft. Many of these seem not be operational, having so many different types must be a logistical nightmare!

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