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Irish Air Corps
Irish Air Corps
With the changes made in 2002, the Cessnas moved from Gormanston to Baldonnel.
Leonard van Teeffelen
Mainstay of the SAR and army operations support is the AW139.
Erwin van Dijkman
Baldonnel/Casement (EIME)
Rwy: 05/23, 11/29
Pos: 53°18'06"N 006°27'05"W
Elev: 319ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
1 Operations Wing

101sq CN235M-100 Maritime squadron

102sq Lj45 Ministerial Air Transport Squadron

104sq FR172H Army Co-operation sq
3 Operations Wing

301sq AW139

302sq EC135P Army support squadron
Air Corps College

Flying Training School PC-9M

Garda Air Support Unit BN-2T-4S
106sq actually operates all 3 GASU aircraft (so that means their 2 helicopters (EC135T1/EC135T2) operate under the fixed wing chain of command.) Only the EC135 are civil maintained, while all GASU aircraft are piloted by Air Corps personnel, who are answerable to the Air Corps chain of command as opposed to the Police's (An Garda Siochana.)
The Garda support unit, GASU, uses two EC135.
Leonard van Teeffelen
The PC-9M is used for training pilots at Baldonnel, but can also be operated in the VOIn?CAS role as is witnessed by this armed PC-9/M.
Erwin van Dijkman
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