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Iran - Police
Iran - Police
Islamic Republic of Iran Police Aviation (IRIPA)
The IRIPA and IRDFA fleet is mainly stationed at Ghale-Morghi which is located in the south of the capital Tehran. This picture shows two RC690's of the IRDFA, a Cessna 185/U-17 of the IRIPA and two Mi-171Sh helicopters of the IRIPA.
Photo: Babak.T-Iranian Spotters
Rwy: 11/29
Pos: 35°31'48"N 051°30'21"E
Elev: 3258 ft
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
ELA-08 (1)
Dorna D-139 (1)
Tehran Ghale-Morghi (OIIG)
Rwy: 09/27
Pos: 35°38'41"N 051°22'51"E
Elev: 3750 ft
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
IRIPA Mi-171Sh (6)
U-17 (1)
RC690 (3)
RC690A (1)
Ce310L (1)
Bell 214A (3)
Bell 214B (1)
AB205 (15)
AB206A (9)
AB212 (4)
Tehran-Mehrabad (OIII)
Rwy: 11L/29R, 11R/29L
Pos: 35°41'21"N 051°18'48"E
Elev: 3962 ft
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
IRIPA Falcon 20E (1)
IrAn-140 (2)
HESA (HESA (Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industrial Company) licence-builds the Antonov An-140-100 which gives it the local designation IrAn-140. In their Esfahãn facilities they assemble the aircraft from which some are ordered by the IRIPA.
Photo: Mohammad Razzazan-Iranian Spotters
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