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Ghana Air Force history
Ghana Air Force history
All three different kind of de Havilland Canada types the Ghana Air Force has used captured in one photo.
Photo: de Haviland Canada
Accra/Kotoka Intl (DGAA)
Air Base
Rwy: 03/21
Pos: 05°36'19"N 000°10'01"W
Elev: 205 ft
Squadron Timeline Aircraft Type(s) Fate
Communications Squadron

1960 - present
DH114(2D) (Jun61-July74)
BAe125-1B (July65-76)
SC7-3M-400 (Sep74-?)
F27-600 (Feb75-5June00)
F28-300 (Sep78-14)
G-III (Apr99-June06)
Falcon 900EX-EASy (10->)
2 Squadron

196. ? - ?
DHC-4 (63-June76)
F27-400M (Apr75-13)
C295M (Nov11->)
relocated to Tamale
3 Squadron

196. ? - present
WS-55 Whirlwind
Wessex Mk53
H269 (Oct63-?)
SA316B (72-?)
Bell 212 (May72-05)
A109A (Dec96-?)
Mi-17V-5 (Nov04->)
Mi-171Sh (Jan13->)
Z-9EH (23Sep15->)
4 (Strike & Recce) Squadron

20. .? - present
K-8G (Feb07->)

BAe125-1B G511 seen visiting RAF Lyneham in October 1968.
Photo: collection Dick Lohuis
Next to a F27-600 five F27-400M's, like this one, were deliverd to the 2 Squadron in the mid seventies.
Photo: Unknown
For VIP transport the Communications Squadron has used this F28-300 from 1978 till 2014.
Photo: Paul Morley
SA316B G460 was one of four.
Photo: Unknown
G-III G540 carries the Air Force badge on the nose and the Governmental one on the tail.
Photo: Unknown
Takoradi (DGTK)
Rwy: 04/22
Pos: 04°53'46"N 001°46'29"W
Elev: 22 ft
Squadron Timeline Aircraft Type(s) Fate
Flying Training School

24 July 1959 - present
PA-18A (60-62)
Chipmunk T10 (61-76)
Bulldog Mk122 (July73-?)
1 Squadron

1960 - present
DHC-2 (60-Aug74)
DHC-3 (Mar61-June74)
BN-2A-9 (13July73-14Apr98)
SC7-3M-400 (Oct74-?)
BN-2T (Dec90-?)
Da42NG (Sep11->)
DA42M-NG (Apr13->)
3 Squadron det.

? - present

SC7-3M-400 G454 leaving Exeter in the last light of 18 March 1991.
Photo: Anthony Hutchings
Four of these turbo-prop BN-2T's have been in use with 1 Squadron.
Photo: Accra, 1 August 2004, Paul Morley
Tamale (DGLE)
Rwy: 05/23
Pos: 09°33'15"N 000°51'59"W
Elev: 552 ft
Squadron Timeline Aircraft Type(s) Fate
4 (Strike & Recce) Squadron

1965 - 20 . .?
MB326F (65-89?)
MB326KG (78-?)
L-29 (6Dec89-?)
relocated to Accra
2 Squadron

? - present

MB326KG G716 taxies out at Venegono for a test flight on 22 April 1994.
Photo: Luca
Twelve L-29's were dontaed by Nigeria late 1989.
Photo: Unknown
MB339A G802 at Venegono on 22 April 1994.
Photo: Luca
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