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Cyprus Police
Cyprus Police
The Police, as part of the Ministry of Justice, operates two AW139 helicopters in law enforcement, border patrol and search and rescue operations.
Photo: Mike Hopwood
Larnaca/Intl (LCLK)
Rwy: 04/22
Pos: 34°52'30"N 033°37'30"E
Elev: 8 ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge

Police Aviation Unit AW139 (2)
Bell 412EP (2)
The Cyprus Police Aviation Unit (C.P.A.U) or Αεροπορικών Επιχειρήσεων (Μ.Α.ΕΠ) was established 10 June 2008. Between May 1990 and 9 June 2008 it was deignated Police Air Wing. The sole BN-2B-20 that the Police was operating was sold in 2013.
Two Bell 412EP/SP are operated by the Cypriot Police.
Photo: Dave Hedges
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