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Cyprus National Guard, Air Force Command
Cyprus National Guard, Air Force Command
Ethniki Froura, Diikissi Aeroporia
Since mid-2011 460 MED operates three AW139 helicopters in the Search & Rescue role.
Photo: Marco Dijkshoorn
Pafos/Intl (LCPH)
Andreas Papandreou Air Base

55 Sminarchia Machis (Combat Group)

Rwy: 11/29
Pos: 34°43'05"N 032°29'09"E
Elev: 41 ft
Squadron Flight Aircraft Type(s) Callsign Badge
450 ME/P

Gazelle Sminos SA342L1 (4) Scorpion

Mi-35 Sminos Mi-35P (11) Panther
460 MED

Bell 206 Sminos Bell 206L-3 (2) Paris

AW139 Sminos AW139 (3) Triton
Lakatamia is no longer in use by the KSA. It is unclear when the KSA aircraft moved to Paphos but by November 2013 they were gone. In the process 449 MAE was disbanded and the Gazelles became part of 450 ME/P.

The Bell 206s moved to Paphos after the closure of Lakatamia.
Eleven Russian built Mil Mi-35P Hind are operated by 450 ME/2nd Sminos. One of the original batch of twelve crashed.
Photo: Marco Dijkshoorn
  • Cyprus National Guard, Air Force Command
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