Armed Forces Overviews
Cape Verde

Guarda Costeira Caboverdane

Other Forces

By Michiel Vermeer & Erwin van Dijkman

Cape Verde is an island group off the West African coast. Obviously, being there means that its prime force is naval orientated. With no neighbouring country threatening them, all is about protection of the economy, combating illegal activities, search and rescue and environment protection. Therefore, they have created a coast guard. This is a branch of the Forças Armadas. This consists of a naval squadron, based at Mindelo, São Vicente island and an aerial squadron that used to be based at Praia, Santiago island. However in 2013, the squadron was moved to São Vicente island too, taking up domicile at São Pedro airport.

If you say coast guard, you say Dornier Do228. This aircraft is used by many countries in this role and Cape Verde is no exception. There have been talks about other aircraft being obtained, like a C212 donated by Spain and the Brazilian minister of Defence has offered two redundant P-95s. But it is unclear if these deals ever have materialized.

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