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Bulgaria Air Force
Bulgaria Air Force
Bulgarski Voenno Vzdushni Sili
Between 1986 and 1988 the 22 Iztrebitelen Bombardovaci Aviopolk (22.IBAP) at Bezmer received 36 Su-25K and four Su-25UBK Frogfoots to replace the last MiG-17's in frontline service. About half a dozen are still in service and is set to remain in service for the forseeable future.
Photo: Paul Kievit / Bronco Aviation
Bezmer (LBIA)
22 Air Base
Rwy: 11/29
Pos: 42°27'18"N 026°21'08"E
Elev: 509 ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
22 Shturmova Aviacionna Basa (22.ShtAB)

1/22 Shturmova Avio Eskadrila Su-25K
The Otdelna Zveno Razuznavatelna flying the Su-22M-4, Su-22UM-3K and L-39ZA was disbanded in mid 2004 after the last Fitter was retired. Only one aircraft, Su-22M-4 503 remained operational at that time.
Dolna Mitropolia (LBPL)
12 Air Base
Rwy: 10L/28R, 10R/28L
Pos: 43°27'06"N 024°30'11"E
Elev: 330 ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
UAGr. "G. Benkovski"

Utchebna Avio Eskadrila L-39 L-39ZA

Utchebna Avio Eskadrila PC9 PC-9

Technical School various GI airframes
12.UAB was previously based at Kamenets and relocated to Dolna Mitropolya in 2006.
The remaining twelve L-39s were grounded around 2009 due to lack of funds for their overhaul. The firstof six aircraft returned to flying status in late 2013.
Graf Ignatievo (LBPG)
3 Air Base
Rwy: 08/26
Pos: 42°17'27"N 024°42'51"E
Elev: 643 ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
3 Iztrebitelna Aviacionna Basa (3.IAB)

1/3 Iztrebitelna Avio Eskadrila MiG-29A
Bulgaria received eighteen MiG-29As and four MiG-29UBs in 1989 and 1990.
The aircraft were operated by 5 Iztrebitelna Aviacionna Basa (5 IAB) at Ravnets before this base was closed around the turn of the century with the Fulcrums moving to 3 Iztrebitelna Aviacionna Basa (3 IAB) at Graf Ignatievo where they were grounded shortly afterwards when they ran out of hours. In late 2003 four MiG-29As and two MiG-29UBs were restored to flying condition.
Sixteen aircraft were overhauled and upgraded under a contract signed with RSK-MiG on 1 March 2006. Twelve single seater MiG-29A and four two seat MiG-29UBs were consequently overhauled.
The MiG-21 fleet was grounded in late 2012 but three MiG-21bis and one MiG-21UM was returned to flying status in early 2014 but grounded again in December 2015.

Plovdiv (LBPD)
Krumovo, 24 Air Base
Rwy: 13/31
Pos: 42°04'04"N 024°51'03"E
Elev: 597 ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
24 Vertoletna Aviacionna Basa (24.VAB)

1/24 Vertoletna Avio Eskadrila Mi-24V

2/24 Vertoletna Avio Eskadrila Mi-17

Otdelna Uchebno Aviozveno Bell 206B-3
The original Bulgarian helicopter fleet comprising of a fleet of Mi-17s and Mi-24s is suffering from a bad serviceability. In late 2004 twelve AS532 Cougars were ordered which are currently being delivered. Six Mi-17s and twelve Mi-24s are due to be overhauled and upgraded but several attempts to award a contract have failed to materialize.
No fewer than 44 Mi-24 Hind attack helicopters were delivered to the BVVS including 38 Mi-24D Hind-D's and six Mi-24V Hind-E's including serial number 143 on this picture. The Hind fleet relocated from Stara Zagora to Krumovo early this century leaving about half of the Mi-24D's behind in a non-airworthy condition. Only very few Hinds remained active in the second half of the last decade. The last active Mi-24, serial 140, made its last flight on 27 January 2010. After a number of Mi-24s were sold abroad about 15 Mi-24s await a decision on their fates. In 2014 it was reported that four Mi-24Vs will be overhauled.
Photo: Paul Kievit / Bronco Aviation
Sofia (LBSF)
Vrazhdebna, 16 Transport Air Base
Rwy: 09/27
Pos: 42°41'43"N 023°24'22"E
Elev: 1742 ft
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
16 Transportna Aviacionna Basa (16.TrAB)

1/16 Transportna Avio Eskadrila C-27J
L-410UVP-E (grounded)
Korpus Protivovazdushna Otbrana (Air Defence Corps)

KPO HQ Flight An-2
Ministerstvo na Vatreshnite Raboty

Praviteltven Aviootryad 28 A109
Falcon 2000

Avioeskadrila A109E
Aviootyad28 is the government flying agency.
Five An-26 Curl transports entered service in 1984 replacing the Il-14. Only three were active over the past decade or so. Two aircraft received a camouflage colour scheme, while the other retained its white and blue colours as the aircraft on the picture above. The first of three (originally five) C-27Js was delivered in late 2007. The last C-27 was delivered in early 2011 after which the last An-26 was retired.
Photo: Paul Kievit / Bronco Aviation
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