Armed Forces Overviews
Royal Australian Navy
Royal Australian Navy
Nowra, NSW (YSNW)
HMAS Albatross
Rwy: 03/21, 08/26
Pos: 34°56'56"S 150°32'13"E
Elev: Elev:400 f
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge

723sq Bell 429 Wings of the Albatross

725sq MH-60R Be aggressive

808sq MRH90 Strength in Unity

816sq MH-60R Imitate the action of the tiger

822Xsq ScanEagle
Camcopter S-100
See the Enemy

All Australian defence helicopter pilots receive their initial training on the AS-350BA Squirrel. The AAAVN and RAAF pilots get trained at RAAF Fairbairn (Australian Defence Force Helicopter School) and the RAN pilots at HMAS Albatross (Nowra) with 723sq.
Photo: Hendrik Jan van Broekhuizen
Many RAN vessels operate with a detachment of 816sq which operates the S-70 Sea Hawk fleet.
Photo: Roberto Benetti
  • Royal Australian Navy
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