Vulcan fast taxi runs
As you surely have noticed, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought our hobby this year practically to a stand-still. Without the usual airshows, exercises and deployments, the year 2020 has been a disaster, and not only hobby-wise.

But some of our British friends were able to finish of 2020 in a positive way, as we can show you thanks to COAP Media/Steve Comber. He witnessed the activities of AVRO Vulcan B2 XL426 at Southend airport on 12 December 2020.

The 1962 built V-bomber is registered as G-VJET since October 2011, but no longer airworthy. It is preserved in taxiable condition by the local Vulcan Restoration Trust.

The mighty Vulcan performed four fast taxi runs in varied lighting and weather conditions. The difference between morning and afternoon sessions presented interesting and challenging shooting conditions. Early morning arrival allowed valuable time to scout out the best vantage points. The photos shown illustrate that those present were the lucky ones.

And in case you have missed the event: the Vulcan Restoration Trust has planned the next fast taxi run event in May 2021. The exact date will follow. So regularly check out:

UK Vulcan Steve Comber 2 900

photos by COAP Media/Steve Comber 

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