Unknown (to us) C-27J Spartan ... update Turkmenistan

On 8 December 2020, a camouflaged Leonardo (formerly Alenia Aermacchi) C-27J Spartan with temporary serial CSX62319 was noted at Torino/Caselle, the birthplace of the transporter.

The most obvious part on the aircraft is the light blue underside. It is known that the Nigerian Air Force do have some aircraft painted in such a way, but not specifically with the two tone brown camouflage. We are not aware that Nigeria has ordered the C-27J.

UPDATE: in May 2018, Leonardo send a C-27J to Turkmenistan for evaluation with the Turkmenistan Air Force.

This air force uses the same camouflage scheme for their transporters as now seen on the C-27J. Thanks to Shaun Psaila who pointed this out to us.

Photo: JP4/Fabio Braghini

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