Thailand RTAF 10321 F 16B 640Two RTAF F-16s retired

On 30 March 2021, the Kong Thap Akat Thai (RTAF, Royal Thai Air Force) has withdrawn two of their older F-16 Fighting Falcons from operational use.

During an official retirement ceremony, the 1st Wing at Korat decommissioned F-16A ADF 10207 from 102 Squadron Stars and F-16B 10321 from 103 Squadron Lightning.

Both aircraft were bought second hand with the F-16A ADF a former USAF airframe and the F-16B a former Republic of Singapore airframe.

It is not yet known why the RTAF has decommissioned the F-16s. Most probably for reasons of fatigue and corrosion. It might be that more older versions F-16s will be withdrawn from use in the near future.

Thailand RTAF 10207 F 16A ADF 320According to the Scramble Magazine database the RTAF has the following older versions F-16s in their inventory. Three aircraft have been written off, but these can be found in the overview. Fifteen F-16A ADF and one F-16B ADF, all second hand USAF and delivered under an FMS contract (Peace Naresuan IV) plus three F-16A Block 15 and four F-16B Block 15, all ex Republic of Singapore Air Force.

F-16A ADF: 10202* (FMS 81-0668), 10203 (FMS 81-0775), 10204 (FMS 81-0797), 10205/KRT (FMS 82-0981), 10206/KRT (FMS 80-0576), 10207/KRT (FMS 81-0690), 10208/KRT*** (FMS 81-0754), 10209/KRT (FMS 81-0765), 10210/KRT (FMS 82-1008), 10211/KRT (FMS 80-0575), 10212** (FMS 81-0774), 10213/KRT (FMS 81-0703), 10214/KRT (FMS 81-0784) and 10215/KRT (FMS 82-0987)
F-16B ADF: 10201/KRT (FMS 82-1032)
F-16A Block 15: 10323/87397# (ex SIN 880), 10324/87398 (ex SIN 881) and 10325/87399 (ex SIN 882)
F-16B Block 15: 10319/87401 (ex SIN 885), 10320/87402 (ex SIN 886), 10321/87403 (ex SIN 887) and 10322/87404 (ex SIN 888)
* w/o 14 February 2011, ** w/o 14 February 2011, *** w/o 24 June 2015, # stored at Korat, FMS = Foreign Military Sale, SIN = Singapore

Photos: RTAF

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