Two former Portuguese F-16s delivered to the Romanian Air Force

On 14 August 2020, the first two aircraft of the second batch of five additional ordered F-16s took off from Monte Real (Portugal) for their delivery flight to Baza 86 Aeriana, Borcea/Fetesti. The serials of the new delivered aircraft are 1614 (ex FAP 15132) and 1616 (ex FAP 15135). The remaining three F-16s are scheduled to be delivered in October 2020 (two aircraft) and one in early 2021. Scramble assesses these three will receive the following serials: 1613, 1615 and 1617 (ex Portuguses Air Force 15122, 15134 respectively 15141).

The contractfor the additional F-16s, total value of €130 million, was formally signed by the ministers of defence from Portugal and Romania on 27 January 2020. The deal included the technical conversion of the aircraft to Romanian specifications, the transfer of technical information and the setting up of maintenance in Romania. After the delivery of these five aircraft the Fortele Aeriene ale Romaniei (FAR, Romanian Air Force) has a total of seventeen F-16s in its inventory.


Photos: Adrian Sultănoiu/Revista Cer Senin

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