Germany C160 50 88 640Transalls destined for Australia
Three former Luftwaffe (German Air Force, GAF) C-160 Transalls are destined for Australia. They were taken up in the Australian Civil Register already on 14 september.
The ones concerned are VH-RFW (c/n D120, former GAF 50+88), VH-RPR (c/n D125, former GAF 50+83), VH-TIT (c/n D77, former GAF 50+55). They left their at one time homebase Hohn on 9 december 2022. The trio had served there with Lufttransportgeschwader 63 (LTG63) until they were witdrawn from use.
Taking off from Hohn the three Transalls headed for Kiel where they will be prepared for their journey ‘down under’.
The new owner of the transports is the Wieland Aviation Group PTY Ltd. with its headquarters in Jilliby (NSW). The company has over 30 years of experience in packing and shipping of all types of aviation equipment. In recent years for instance Wieland shipped as many as 50 helicopters across the globe.
Scramble archive photo of 50+88 (now VH-RFW) by José Damián González Martinez (just illustrative)

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