NAF Super Tucano 1 640Super Tucano delivery to Nigerian Air Force

On 19 July 2021, some months later than anticipated, six Sierra Nevada/Embraer A-29B Super Tucano aircraft transited Prestwick Airport (UK) and are now on their delivery flight towards the Nigerian Air Force (NAF).

Already on 9 November 2020, the Nigerian Chief of Air Staff, Sadique Abubakar, stated that six A-29B Super Tucanos would soon be delivered to Nigeria from the United States. This now seems to have materialised.

The Super Tucano Close Air Support (CAS) aircraft are part of a dozen sold to Nigeria by the US, to aid combat actions and air assaults to fight the insurgency.

The first aircraft, with Foreign Military Sales serial number 19-2033, has already been sighted with Nigerian Air Force serial NAF845.

Strikingly, two different types of camouflage will be used by the NAF Super Tucanos (desert and forest/jungle). On 20 July, the six Super Tucanos were on their way to Zaragoza (Spain) with next stop an airport in Algeria. The last leg will be flown towards Kainji Air Base in Nigeria.

NAF Super Tucano 2 320 NAF Super Tucano 3 320

The following NAF A-29B Super Tucanos were noted with support aircraft Dornier 328 D-CAAN at Prestwick:
19-2033 “RAVEN81” Sand Camo
19-2034 “RAVEN82” Sand Camo
19-2036 “RAVEN83” Sand Camo
19-2038 “RAVEN91” Sand Camo
19-2039 “RAVEN92” Green Camo
19-2040 “RAVEN93” Green Camo

NAF Super Tucano 4 320

Credit photos: Douglas Connery (Via Scramble Messageboard. Thanks again!)

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