USA TF104 640Starfighter returns to the skies!

Starfighters Aerospace announced with pride that their Lockheed TF-104G, registration N991SF (construction number 5209) has flown again.

After months of preparations, it made its first flight from their homebase, Kennedy Space Centre (FL) on 27 January 2021.

N991SF is a former Aeronautica Militare (AMI, Italian Air Force) machine, which in those days carried serial MM54258. The two-seater Starfighter received a new black paint scheme and large “KANON” titles on the vertical stabilizer. These titles refer to a Loading Equipment firm with the same name, one of the sponsors of Starfighters Aerospace.

According to Starfighters Aerospace the jet will join the other two-seater for test pilot training and also civilian pilot training for whoever wishes to fly it! These aircraft are also available for various research activities and adversary air training support.

Overview of Starfighters owned by Starfighters Aerospace (RLB Aviation Inc.):

N104RB CF-104D (c/n 5203) ex RCAF 12632
N104RD CF-104G (c/n 1150) ex RCAF 12850
N104RN CF-104G (c/n 1059) ex RCAF 12759
N990SF TF-104G-M (c/n 5202) ex AMI MM54251
N991SF TF-104G-M (c/n 5209) ex AMI MM54258
N992SF TF-104G-M (c/n 5212) ex AMI MM54261
N993SF F-104S ASA-M (c/n 1034) ex AMI MM6734
N994SF F-104S ASA-M (c/n 1240) ex AMI MM6940, registration cancx 19 October 2012

USA TF104 2 320

USA TF104 3 320USA TF104 4 320





Photos: Matt Haskell for Starfighters Aerospace

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